Boulevard of Culotte Dreams

I hated culottes. With a genuine passion. My muffin top was visible if I tucked a blouse, and otherwise I looked like a shapeless blob. WRONG. I was so wrong. A large part of why I stand corrected is that I finally learned how to own an outfit, and not let "perfect bodies" affect me. The smaller part is what this post is about: how to style culottes a few different ways depending on...YOUR MOOD, duh, not your size, not what people think, and definitely not what shamers suggest.

1. With a fitted top + sneakers: if I were to fashion this for something more formal, I'd just tuck my sweater in and swap out the sneakers for 

2. With your favorite Indian blouse/ crop top: I added a blazer over this only because it was a bit chilly, else it looks great on its own. An embroidered blouse definitely makes it jazzy and you can let the occasion decide your shoes. 

A post shared by Namrata Loka (@namrataloka) on

A post shared by Namrata Loka (@namrataloka) on

3. With an off-the-shoulder top: go flowy, short, long (cinch it with a belt), or however you like your off-the-shoulder really!