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You go really far away only to come back home…come back home all changed. Life in the last 10 years has been blissfully nomadic - Kodaikanal for boarding school, then Canada, Singapore, California, and now I’m back to the city I was once happy to be rid of forever. I was one of those NRIs that could easily drive you up the wall with all the distasteful things I had to say about living here. But today I look at Hyderabad (and India, actually) with a strange mix of awe, longing, and ache. I don’t need to elucidate much on the awe bit, but the longing is mostly a result of being uprooted; and the ache, because I can see how the average Indian gets through his/ her day with a smile on his face despite having curveballs thrown at him every second (curveballs that are out of sight and out of mind for an average American.) I’m not doing anything substantial by being here (yet) but I’m steadily working towards being in a place where I can create opportunities, promote creatives, and be socially responsible every step of the way.

The focal point of this and all future editorials is to recognize the things that make Hyderabad the culturally distinctive city that it is; to promote the very things that seem to have gotten lost in metropolitan glories. To complement this, I styled an outfit from Apeksha The Label, who has mastered the art of creating versatile contemporary pieces using elements from…exactly where we shot this! It was daunting to be up at 5am and ignore onlookers, but it helped knowing that the end result would showcase exactly how to embrace Old City and the life that it comes with - watch, eat, drink, and bas lite lelo yaaro!

PS: If you ever visit Charminar, here are restaurants you absolutely must stop at - Shadab, Hotel Nayab, Shah Ghouse, 555 Cafe, Nimrah Cafe (famous for Irani Chai) and Hotel Shahran.

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Old City Hyderabad Fashion Editorial
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