Mixing Metals & Metallics

As a spinoff of my emerald green lehenga set, I did a variation by pairing a silver, micro-pleated off-the-shoulder top (felt the need to mention silver because it looks white everywhere.) I think the "don't mix your metals" rule is outdated.

Silver top with green lehenga.jpg

Photos: Grier Cooper 

Location: Asian Art Museum, San Francisco

Silver top: Forever 21 | Lehenga: Behind The Seams India

Styling (particularly jewelry styling,) is very personal, intuitive, and event-based. I know that 5 years ago, I never considered mixing metals like gold, silver, and bronze. I thought I was committing a fashion faux pas. But the more I broke such random fashion "rules", the better I got at doing so. So even if today you feel under-confident about something you wear (or don't wear), just remember, like most things in life, practice makes perfect. That said, I know that these rules can really get to you and it is easy to feel mismatched or overwhelmed with so much shine on you. Here's a humble attempt at trying to help you deconstruct and mix your metallics nonchalantly: 

. Pick jewelry that has both gold and silver accents. This will help you pair it with multiple outfits, thereby taking care of that practice bit (the choker set I'm wearing is a classic example: it is gold-plated with silver/ mirror accents embedded) 

2. Mix metals that you wear multiple pieces of, such as bangles, bracelets, stacks of rings, or cuffs. 

3. Trust your gut. If you feel like it is an overkill, it probably is. If you feel like you're really rocking a rose-gold embellished sweater with silver shoes, then you probably are! 

4. Pay attention to the textures of pieces - a sequin silver bag will undoubtedly clash with gold sequin shoes, but if either one of the pieces were in a different finish, it would work. Approach your metallic pieces like they are several pieces of the same collection. 

5. Complement the colors and fabric of your outfit. Picture my lehenga in a couple of different colors and you will know exactly when the silver top/ choker combination will and will not work. Go on, try it! The same logic applies to fabric, which is why mixing metals with bridal lehengas is so much easier.

I really hope this helps you break rules that should've never been set to begin with. You can always email/ DM me to help with styling decisions!

Fusion lehenga styling.jpg
Kundan choker with off the shoulder top
Blouse with emerald lehenga.jpg