Editorial | WOODLAND


The woods are mystical and miraculous; never during a shoot have I felt so much solitude. I didn’t feel the need to do much, I could just...be. Another thing that definitely contributed is my Sudarshan Kriya practice. I’m still working on that post, but I can say with full conviction that the mental detox continues to positively impact every aspect of my life. I now feel confident about going beyond fashion and poses, about showcasing my mood, intent, and state of mind through an editorial. 

With each outfit that I put together, I strive to show why you don’t need to buy more. I tucked a dress into the palazzo portion of this Rheson Mogra print sari, and reused some of my wedding jewelry. I can’t explain the joy of buying less (in my case, buying zero) ergo having very few outfits to style and shoot. But I can tell you that the joy easily overpowers the consequences of infrequent posting. To think I’d been carrying this fear of losing followers due to inactivity, of not growing fast enough as a content creator. I feel so light, so happy. I’m telling you, the woods are mystical and miraculous.