How Weird SFO x Makeshift Sari

Photos by Sindhura G aka my multifaceted sister-in-law


There are innumerable things about San Francisco that empower one to own their weirdness and individuality. This one in particular was dedicated to celebrating the weird and the creative. The 2018 edition of How Weird Street Faire had a Disco Ball Inferno theme going, and revisited the funk and flamboyance of the 1970's. The 70's was a decade that changed the fashion landscape for all the right reasons - bold and outré clothing, relaxed silhouettes, disco fever took over, and you could wear anything with...anything. Many called it the anti-fashion decade, but that level of liberalism meant women could finally wear whatever they wanted!


Much of today's fashion still borrows from the revolutionary 70's:

• Flared and high-waisted pants

• Eclectic prints, patterns, embroideries, fringes, and patchwork

• Bohemian-chic, hippie, ethnic and folk inspired influences  

• Rock and punk

• Coordinated separates, pantsuits 

Some breakthrough designers from this era whose names and brands you might recognize:  Vivienne Westood, Gucci, Halston, Laura Ashley, and Diane Von Furstenberg.


Although the color palette and vibrancy vastly changed from the early (bright, bold) to late 70's (earthy tones, whites, blacks), one thing that was common throughout the decade is that women wore pants: pantsuits, culottes, tight-fitting ones, denims, all kinds of them. Key accessories of this decade include: 

• Platform/ chunky heels, sandals with wooden platforms 

• Handbags with tassels, fringes, and/or metallic elements like chains 

• Wide-brim hats and retro sunnies 


The 70's were an inclusive era where disco culture meant people from all walks of life came together to dance. There is something for everyone seeing how diverse fashion was at the time.The key to resurrecting 70's fashion, however, is to pick a few elements that you connect with the most, and those that work with your lifestyle. 


I took some of my favorite 70's trends and put an Indian spin on my outfit. I draped this sumptuous, thread-embroidered dupatta as a sari. Fun fact: I found it in a menswear store called Panchwati Silks during my groom's wedding shopping!

Shoes/ mules: Who What Wear (bought from ThredUp) 

Denim Sari Blouse: Bought in an exhibition in Hyderabad from an independent label by fashion students (The H Label

Culottes: Global Desi