What if I told you that you could go your entire life disease-free, without ever having to rush to a doctor? You may already know that fitness is 70% what you eat. Here’s what I can promise you will have in 6 months: 

 A clutter-free, positively energized mind that is capable of beautiful and creative things you would have never thought was possible
 A near-squeaky-clean annual health checkup report, and possibly permanent riddance from 95% of common diseases and chronic illnesses
 Smashin’ body, hair and skin that will have you obsess over yourself in the mirror multiple times a day (I never said good consequences, did I ;) ) 

Step 1: Detox from “bad” food

 Make a list of all the things you want to cut out of your intake and categorize them under: sugar, fried stuff (low-fat, low-sodium, high-bullshit chips included), items on a menu, items you cook at home, drinks (alcohol, La Croix, 0g sugar drinks included), dairy, other (red meat, spicy food, gluten, etc) . 
 Go one full week without eating anything on that list. You choose whether you want to cut out sugar while still eating the other things, or if you want to cut out everything. If it is the latter, set new challenges each week: “I will not eat (pizza) until that dinner on Sunday”, “I will not eat (cake) until that birthday.” Slowly upgrade to 2 weeks, 3 weeks, and so on till you kick the habit(s). 

Step 2: Learn to love the good food

• Make a list of all the things you need to include in your daily intake. For me, those were - 3 more boiled egg whites, 3 more servings of raw greens, nuts, 2 bananas, 1 avocado. (I was already eating Quinoa, 2 servings of veggies, Dal, Vega protein shake until this point.) 
 Schedule this on a daily basis, with time set aside to cook and workout. You will not have time nor the appetite to eat junk, and in a week or two, you will not have junk food at home. 
 If it is too difficult, make the healthy cooking & eating process novel: try a new recipe, or a new side. Do not try to distract yourself by watching TV or something else. The idea is to love what you eat, not to run away from the feeling of healthy food! 

Step 3: Curb your cravings

 Midnight/ boredom cravings: I keep a water bottle with lemon squeezed in it at all times (bed + desk.) I’m usually too lazy to go to the kitchen, and I love lemon water. Win-win. 
 Boredom cravings: Give in and eat (soaked) walnuts, almonds, a fruit or two
 Note down what you crave, when you crave it, and how you feel before and after you eat it. 

Quick Pointers: 

 Anything you/ your ancestors grew up eating that get a bad rep, are not all that bad for you (in my case, biryani, idlis, dosas, anything South Indian) Paleo, for instance, is all about eating what your ancestors did. Have it once in a while and enjoy it wholeheartedly when you do. 

 Go grocery shopping once a week, and make a trip to your local Farmers Market (non-GMO fruits will surprise you) 

 Do not shop when you’re hungry or immediately after your workout.

• Eating healthy requires time, patience, and serious commitment. Much of it revolves around what’s on the inside both in terms of food and your thoughts. I insist that you listen to this Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra podcast - it will break down the mind-body connection and really change the idea of wellness for you. 

 If I can do it, anyone can. Trust me, I lived on college cafeteria food for long enough to know that junk food is just a habit/ addiction. I also had the worst skin until last year, and that changed dramatically after I quit sugar, dairy, and bettered my overall intake. I’m ALWAYS and only one message away if you need a push. I will always keep your questions/ requests anonymous and private. 

Lastly, if you found this or any of my Intro to Fitness posts useful, please pay it forward by sharing it with friends/ family. If you'd like more such posts, answer the poll below. As promised, next up: How to Workout Everyday.