Fitness 101

PSA: I have a severe writer’s block because this is not about fashion

What a whirlwind of a week it has been - I really hope all that #emeraldgreen didn’t overwhelm you! In addition to your lovely comments, something wonderful came out of it. It is usually me bugging you guys to help me build content for this blog through polls and Instagram stories, but this time, I had a few incoming content requests and I was thrilled! I’m very grateful and happy to know that you find me approachable enough, and trust me enough to share personal details over the Internet. I want to cover every single topic, starting with what was probably the most requested: fitness and health. 

Before I move forward, here are some things I’d like you to be mindful about: 

• Do not call it weight loss, fat loss, or “loss” of anything. That language indicates deprivation or having something on your body you need to get rid of. Fitness is not that. It is gaining, improving your muscle, strength, mood, functionality of your organs, and your life in general. 

• Think of fitness like a marathon vs. a short sprint. You’re going to have to commit to a lifestyle, eat to fuel up, switch up your routines, and take breaks now and then. 

• I’m (healthily) obsessed with living a healthy lifestyle, and it is only because I find it difficult to moderate. I’m not one of those people that can eat a small piece of dessert once a week, so going cold turkey works best me. I figured that out after failing multiple times at maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and you should figure out what works for you, too. 

This is entirely your journey and everything has to be tailored to you. Keep up with my posts so that you can tailor my advice to suit your lifestyle. My goal is to make you independent and intuitive about health/ fitness, and not go by what works for others (not even me.)

Tomorrow, I’m going to write about food. By that, I mean describe in painstaking detail what it takes to hit your nutrition goals without eating too much of the right thing, and how to stop eating the wrong things.