How To Workout Everyday

Just like with food, the end goal is to make sure you love going to the gym/ working out/ exercising. It should be something you look forward to everyday, almost like a stress-buster. But you have to remember that workouts are not meant to be easy…be an adventure-seeker, strive to be that person who gets joy out of making progress. 

Another thing: if you hate your body right now, you will never have a positive outlook towards fitness. Sure, there are days when I wish I had a flatter stomach, but I know that my strong muscles lie underneath that thin layer of fat. I am always marveled by my body’s strength and what it is capable of, and the only way to see it is by pushing yourself. 

While an upcoming wedding/ vacation are all huge motivators, they are fleeting. My aim is to share with you the things that will make fitness/ wellness a permanent lifestyle. Alright then, my two cents on pushing yourself to workout everyday: 

 Have a consistent workout time: If you have a different schedule almost every day, aim to workout at the same time as many days a week as you can. This will leave no excuses, you will make the most of your day if you have multiple slots locked for cooking/ work/ workout etc. 

• Morning vs. evening workouts: I am pro-choice about this. I was all for evening workouts 4 out of 6 years, but in hindsight, I feel like my morning workouts left me feeling far more energized. I would recommend lifting weights in the morning on a fasted state, and HIIT/ cardio in the evening. Try both before you decide what is better. 

 Meditate for 15 minutes (to start with) every morning in complete isolation, preferably after you’ve made your bed and before you engage in any conversations. Do not try to control your thoughts, let your mind wander. If any negativity or self-doubt creeps in, replace your thoughts with that of your family, friends, happiest moments, how you want your day to go, and the things you will do to have that perfect day. 

• A pre-workout routine/ ritual you love: I looove coffee and bananas, and I get a kick out of it (probably just the caffeine lol) that makes me want to jump, sweat, and lift. For you, it could be getting into workout clothes, an ice bath, or listening to a Rocky Balboa soundtrack. Point being, the act itself should serve as a motivator to get up and move. 

• Combat the pre-workout tiredness: Many of us (including me) may feel super weak or lazy right before workout time, and my solution to that is a 20 minute power nap. You will be amazed at how alert you feel, and it will only work if it is exactly 20 minutes not including the time it takes for you to fall asleep. 

• Maintain a workout journal: You don't have to log something in everyday, but do it when you want to remember a certain workout. "Today, I did 5 more push-ups than I did last week," is a journal entry that will surely help when you don't feel like moving because nothing does it better than your own words and feelings. 

• Stay tuned into your body: For the longest time, I followed the calories in, calories out rule. I didn't care about eating nutrient dense food to nourish my body, and I didn't pay attention to aches induced by weak muscles. Once I did, I started training my shoulders and back more, my core strength improved dramatically, and only then could I see those abs. 

• Favorite filler workouts for some days of the month: Some workout is better than no workout at all. On a particularly lazy day, your favorite workout will get you going. Here are some 30-minute routines that I love to do on such days, and even when I'm on a vacation: