4-Week Wellness Challenge

To my 68 champs,

Congrats on your first victory of signing up for this challenge! It only takes 28 days of doing something everyday for it to become a permanent habit. By the end of these next 4 weeks, I'm hoping that all of you (and me, because I need this as much as you do) successfully make a lifestyle change. I'm SUPER psyched about this because it is my first time doing a challenge group  - the first 2 weeks need an extra push so that's exactly where this blog and I come into play. We start this challenge on Thursday, April 12. I purposely chose a weekday so that we workout on the weekends and lose the "weekend is for resting/ indulging" attitude. 


Here are 7 things to keep in mind before you begin: 

1. PLEASE don't do this if you have any injuries. Please be very mindful of safety since you are your own supervisor. 

2. Below, you'll find a workout calendar that will be updated weekly. Click on each day's event to find the YouTube video. Make sure you read the instructions I've written for your safety. If you need motivation, read my post on How To Workout Everyday. Remember that pushing/ controlling yourself keeps getting easier with time, and the challenge starts to become more fun and rewarding! 

3. Instead of telling you what, when, how to eat, I request that you read my post, 3-steps to Eating Healthy Everyday. We want to build habits instead of yo-yo dieting, right? And we want to make sure it works in the long-term, also to never beat ourselves up for indulging now and then. Plus you are smart enough to know what to quit and what to eat, and I trust you to message me if you have any questions.  

4. I aim to do 5-6 workouts per week, and I recommend the same to you so we cross the finish line together. But if for some reason you cannot, don't worry about taking longer than 4 weeks to finish. Try to do at least 4 workouts a week so you don't lose the momentum. 

5. DO NOT check your weight on the scale even once in the next 4 weeks. 

6. DO take body measurements (chest, biceps, waist, hips, legs, calves) weekly and as many pictures as you want! 

7. Finally, fitness is only one element of wellness; the latter is my top priority for you and me both...holistic happiness. Although daily workouts and clean eating are our big, overarching challenges in the month ahead, I will also send daily and weekly challenges on Instagram. These could range from "meditate for 10 minutes", to "do 50 push-ups during the day" Of course I'll be doing every challenge with you! 

Let's do this together to built healthy habits, both mentally and physically!