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Overcoming Anxiety ft. Sudarshan Kriya

From the bottom of my heart and with the sincerest of intentions, I urge you to try AOL or Isha Foundation’s beginner courses. All this, I only say because I believe it is my duty to propel you into anything that can help you discover joy, love, knowledge, power, and passion.

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Intermittent Fasting 101

In 2011, when I first started exploring the realms of physical and mental fitness, I came across Shaun T’s 60 Day Insanity and the nutrition guide it came with (click here to read) I followed it to the T for 4 years thereafter. In a nutshell, somebody who had never eaten breakfast, and grew up eating 2 big meals and 2 snacks a day made the switch to 6 portion-controlled meals per day. And before we begin the IF…

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Hyderabad's Farm-to-Table Movement

Ravi and Kavitha Mantha's journeys began at Baby Elephant Farm, their organic farm in the west of Hyderabad. It led to a wonderful farm-to-table movement that guarantees fresh, local, seasonal produce and food. The chef, Kavitha, has designed and continues to update an eclectic menu based on the produce of the season. Cheeses are freshly made in-house every morning. These are just a few highlights - watch this video to learn and support their mission of creating healthy lives one farm, and one table at a time. 

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4-Week Wellness Challenge

We will start this challenge on Thursday, April 12. 

Congrats on your first victory of signing up for this challenge! It only takes 28 days of doing something everyday for it to become a permanent habit. By the end of these next 4 weeks, I'm hoping that all of successfully make a lifestyle change. 

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