I was in India 2 months before the wedding, and that is around the time I went off the grid from social media. You can actually go back and see how little I posted, and yes, naturally I missed what used to be a daily practice, and I missed having conversations with strangers. But this was my annual trip, a momentous one, and I just wanted to unplug. I wasn’t surprised at all that I lost a little less than 500 followers (and we know what a biiiig deal numbers are, don’t we), but I was definitely taken aback by what my inbox looked like. There were people asking me why I didn’t share wedding updates, or if I was “saving all the content for later.” I didn’t pay much attention to it until I returned and started sharing wedding posts. But if you notice, the intent behind every single post and blog post is to only add some value to your life. The only reason there was any “saving of content for later” is so I could reflect on the wedding, have some takeaways for you, and honestly help you sail through that whirlwind when the time comes. With that in mind, and to avoid having my intent and integrity questioned, here are some things about my blog/ Instagram that I’d like you to know: 

  • I do not and will not advertise. I have purchased all the merchandise that I have featured, and will continue to do so. 
  • In the event that I work with a brand/ designer, I do NOT take free clothes nor money for creating content. I run this like a non-profit, with the sole intention of furthering my passion and creatively sharing stories of some awesome brands along the way. 
  • I do NOT and will not discuss my personal life nor my everyday life unless there is something in it for you. Moving forward, you will not see a great brunch table setting or a shot of flowers and fragrances beautifully laid out on a marble background. 
  • I don’t have to be everyone and everything to everybody, so I will only publish things that I have knowledge of. Or, together, we will go through the process of gaining knowledge about an unknown territory. 

Today, I have so many conversations with absolute strangers through Instagram Direct Messages, and I’m so glad I stuck to my methods instead of letting algorithms and brands take over. Reading is a lost art, and it is timeless. I had an anonymous blog way back in 2008, which is why I’m very attached to old-school blogging - something I’ll work tirelessly to bring back.