Overcoming Anxiety ft. Sudarshan Kriya

To me, every day is the start of something new, an opportunity to make a resolution and see it through. I’ve never seen New Years as anything but a celebration of all the good in my world; a time to reflect, evaluate, and think of ways to improve my life and the lives of those I interact with. So with this post, I decided to do exactly that, just not in my head. I wanted to share a mildly uncomfortable and scary anecdote from 2018 that changed the core of how I approached life and relationships thereafter.

Rewind to March 2018: I was still dealing with the wedding hangover and the whirlwind that was my life. One day, my mind spiraled out of control (I was certain that I was going to die that night) and I had what I learned in the ER, an anxiety attack. It totally caught me by surprise because I was sure I had my s#it together, but that day I learned that I had a LOT of work to do. It was a tough spot to be in because the only knowledge my uncultured ass had about panic attacks came from Suits/ Harvey Specter.

Two months of what felt like going to hell and back, a probable solution dawned on me. In 2011, my parents suggested that we attend an Art of Living program that taught Sudarshan Kriya, a 30 minute practice that is bound to change your life. I did, and I did my practice for 4 years, and abruptly stopped because I thought I was rock solid. But I recalled the calm Sudarshan Kriya brought into my life and decided to give it a go again, this time, with my husband. We attended the 3 day program again, and I experienced the relief of inching towards being mentally/ emotionally fit - it has been a good 6 months of practicing Kriya everyday. So as to not sound like a preacher/ propagandist, I’ll reserve the why should you do it for the next post - it is 4 years + 6 months of thoughts that I need to condense.

From the bottom of my heart and with the sincerest of intentions, I urge you to try AOL or Isha Foundation’s beginner courses. All this, I only say because I believe it is my duty to propel you into anything that can help you discover joy, love, knowledge, power, and passion.

Happiest New Year to you and your families. I hope this year gives you equal amounts of meditative highs and lows that catapult you into greatness!