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Planning an Offbeat Sangeet on a Budget

A little over 250 of you voted in favor of this post, but I do think that the right follow-up to this would be the other option: how to let go after all that planning. There's more to gain if you're focused on having a blast, versus coordinating and executing your well-thought out event plan. For now, here are some ideas and backstories to help you plan an economical but inventive Sangeet: 

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(Not Your) Basic Bride

The cookie-cutter trousseau was just not going to happen for me, I knew that, and it’s a risk I willingly took. A common, valid concern for mum and friends was that it might be too less, but if I was ever going to pull off effortless chic, it was now.

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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

This is the story of how my superstar husband 3D printed Daft Punk helmets for him and I, for our cocktail party. (And also about how Journeys by Ram shot the best wedding album evarrrr!) 

Thank you and the biggest virtual hug to: Nikhil Dhawan, Vijay, and DJ Nikhil at Fat Pigeon Hyderabad!AD props to DJ Gaurav for mixing a seamless track for us, and to Harsha Maheshwari for killer choreography that we did zero justice to :P 

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A Story Well-Spun...

Perhaps the only thing I was equal parts nervous and excited about throughout the planning was this blouse. But like a majority of things, I had an insane time drawing, writing, tracing, designing, and goofing with some of my favorite people. The highlight was having Kiran...

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