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Wedding Q&As Part Two

This is officially the last Wedding Q&A post on the blog, but I'm happy to answer questions as they come. For Part One, go here

1. What are some tips to choose a photo/ video team? 

2. Men's fashion is either limited or too expensive, especially in Hyderabad. What are my options? 

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Wedding Q&As from Instagram

I know this post is long overdue, but I still get questions as I friend more people on Instagram, and it is impossible to round them all up in one post. So I finally decided to do multiple Wedding Q&A posts, starting with five questions today. Some from personal experience, some that I don't relate to but I did my best to answer:  

1. How do you find and choose a photographer/ videographer?  

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Planning an Offbeat Sangeet on a Budget

A little over 250 of you voted in favor of this post, but I do think that the right follow-up to this would be the other option: how to let go after all that planning. There's more to gain if you're focused on having a blast, versus coordinating and executing your well-thought out event plan. For now, here are some ideas and backstories to help you plan an economical but inventive Sangeet: 

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