Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

This is the story of how my superstar husband 3D printed Daft Punk helmets for him and I, for our cocktail party. 

(And lowkey about how Journeys by Ram (Ram, Varun, Arjun, Narasimha, Santhosh, and Vignesh) shot the most stellar wedding album evarrrr!) 

Thank you and the biggest virtual hug to: Nikhil Dhawan, Vijay, and DJ Nikhil at Fat Pigeon Hyderabad

MAD props to DJ Gaurav for mixing a seamless track for us, and to Harsha Maheshwari for killer choreography that we did zero justice to :P 

Amid laughter, sometimes nerves, and predictable stresses, Kiran pulled off the most psychedelic project I've seen. As a tribute to our favorite duo, Guy Manuel and Thomas Bangalter, he 3D printed, programmed, and engineered these epic helmets. He laced them with LED matrix animations, sound and Bluetooth reactive sensors, and Mario, Pacman animations. The entire process of assembling the parts to the final paint job took a little over one month. I  can't help but sing praises - he semi-built the printer about a year ago by printing its own parts. With each print, he is able to assess and improve the quality of the printer, because his main goal is to print prosthetic limbs. 

In hindsight, our wedding fun really started back in 2017, when the planning began. There hasn't been a dull moment since, and that energy definitely carried into our first event - the cocktail night. Halfway through the party, the cool kids at Fat Pigeon turned the lights off (and drama up) and we re-entered grooving to Technologic, Get Lucky, and One More Time. Here's a quick showreel from my camera (kinda) capturing all that behind-the-scenes + a few highlights from the actual dance: a tribute to the coolest groom there ever was or will be!  

A few photos I borrowed from Ram's blog album: