I don't think fashion videos are a thing yet. I mean, yes, you'll see shopping hauls, runway moments, and beauty/ skincare tutorials floating around the Internet, but my channel is premiering informative fashion content. Allow me to toot my own horn because I conceptualize, script, and film these videos by myself :) 

In this video, I interviewed Richa Sachar, Creative Director at The French Darjee and Thought by TFD. Watch to see how my outfits magically change as Richa answers 5 questions about her brand's journey to sustainable, green, and responsible fashion!

Sage Farm Cafe + Organic Store in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, is owned and operated by Ravi and his wife, Kavitha Mantha. Their journey began at Baby Elephant Farm, their organic farm in the west of Hyderabad. It led to a wonderful farm-to-table movement that guarantees fresh, local, seasonal produce and food. The chef, Kavitha, has designed and continues to update an eclectic menu based on the produce of the season. Cheeses are freshly made in-house every morning. These are just a few highlights - watch this video to learn and support their mission of creating healthy lives one farm, and one table at a time.

Our (fast) fashion consumption habits have a nightmarish impact on the planet and people, and we need to prioritize slow fashion yesterday more than ever. It can be very difficult to walk away from sales and great deals, but it cannot be worse than the fact that somebody else pays a hefty/ unimaginable price for it. In this video, I talk about how you can actually make a difference by making small tweaks to your habits and preferences. Watch to learn more, and if you can, make a bigger contribution by adding more suggestions through the comments. I normally don't ask for this, but please share the video. You'll be making a bigger difference than you might know!

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The number one item on the checklist before making an India trip is, inevitably, a trip to the outlet malls. It is something that I, and most people I know, "indulge" in at least two times in a year. I have even heard of people making a trip to sales tax-free cities like Portland or Pennsylvania to shop at outlets there and get further discounts on already fantastic deals. Unfortunately, this time too, you get what you pay for. I did some digging in to find out why you are at a loss when you shop without full knowledge of what goes on in these stores. Aspirational shopping is something we all do occasionally, but why not get what we think we are paying for? 

In this video, I also included some tips on how to actually get great deals on overstock and original luxury brand items. Three things that I forgot to include: 

• Krazy Coupon Lady's wonderful tips on decoding price labels to differentiate between flagship/ retail vs. factory/ outlet merchandise: https://thekrazycouponlady.com/tips/money/avoid-outlet-store-rip-off
• The Neiman Marcus Group owns Bergdorf Goodman (YES! I KNOW! My mind exploded too!), Neiman Marcus, and two outlets: Last Call Studio and Last Call Clearance. 100% of Last Call Studio items are outlet-only, so you want to stay away from that store in entirety. 
• The GAP brands manufacture items exclusively for their outlets/ factory stores, so none of the items you'd find at a Banana Republic outlet store actually come from the store or the website. 

Quick snapshot of a few of my favorite places to eat + things to do in San Francisco/ Bay Area
Jumping on the bandwagon is hardly my thing, you know that. But three trends I haven't been able to resist are ruffled blouses, off the shoulders, and denim skirts. However, I'm your average girl who doesn't live a glamorous life 24x7, so I thought I'd make a quick video to show you how to embrace a great fashion trend without getting out of your jammies.
In this video, I walk down the pier in our backyard (not literally) and talk about the history of a current-favorite garment, culottes. Culottes have been around since the 16th century, and you may have guessed, borrowed from menswear.
Going through fashion history by the decade at the famous Haight Street in San Francisco. Stores covered - Decades of Fashion, Wasteland, John Fluevog Shoes, and The Red Victorian.
What goes on behind five cameras, as captured by yours truly! Shot an emerald green coordinated lehenga set, complemented by the Dipti Choker Set from The Polki Box. In this video, shot at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, I take you behind the scenes with me - show you my weird life/ style hacks - and interview my superstar photographer, Grier Cooper!

This is my first vlog where I briefly discuss Stock X, the world's first stock market for things. It is an underground secondary sneaker market where limited edition deadstock shoes are resold for demand-based prices. 

Went around exploring the historic, gentrified, and hipster Mission District - only this time, on foot. On my blog, I have a detailed post on how to explore this hub of Latin culture and soak in its arts, colors and murals.
Remember that How I Met Your Mother episode where we learned that Marshall Eriksen spent a good chunk of his NYC years trying to find The Best Burger In New York? The one he ate when he first moved there?