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You can hate me all you want, but this basically kinda means no desserts either, at least not those with butter, milk, cheese in the...nd thats most of them! Also no whey, no ranch, no dips with cream, no ice-cream, no joke (I feel like a Disney movie Villain at this point...)


• If bloating has reduced - particularly your tummy 

• If your skin has improved - redness, blotchy or dull skin, acne 

• Your energy levels - assess how you felt throughout the day, during your workout, as soon as you woke up, and how well-rested you feel  


• Have excessive amounts of soy or cheese alternatives. It may be difficult to digest if you introduce your body to so much soy in a short span of time. 

• I know I said vegan desserts are okay, but PLEASE do not replace dairy with sugar. Let each week of this challenge build on each other.   


• Use coconut milk where you'd use cream, hummus/ almond butter/ or a nut butter where you'd use cream cheese 

• Use avocados where you'd use butter (relevant mostly for baking, but also helps to cut out butter when you toast bread) 

• If you realllly must - Trader Joes has vegan brownie chips, vegan cream cheese. Both Breyer's and Ben & Jerry's have vegan ice-creams. 

• When eating out, always find out if it has dairy and if they can make it vegan. They usually can. 

Earlier Event: April 18
Later Event: April 19
Day 8: Tabata Cardio